gujarat government transfers rajkot police commissioner after trp gaming zone fire accident

gujarat government transfers rajkot police commissioner after trp gaming zone

Rajkot: In the wake of the fire incident at the Gujarat Sports Centre, the state government has transferred the Commissioner of Police, Rajkot City, alleging negligence in the matter.

Yesterday, a huge fire broke out in a huge sports arena operating in the name of TRP Gaming Zone in Rajkot district of Gujarat. 28 people including 9 children were killed in that arena. This incident caused a great shock across the country. In the investigation conducted by the police, it was revealed that the accident occurred due to electrical leakage. Apart from this, it was revealed that the sports center had been operating for more than 2 years without obtaining an unobstructed fire safety certificate. Apart from that, the police investigation also found that there was only one exit in such a big stadium.

Subsequently, the police have arrested 2 owners of the sports hall. Police are looking for 4 people who are absconding. Meanwhile, the Gujarat High Court took the initiative to investigate the incident today. At that time, the judges questioned the lawyers appearing for the Gujarat government. “For more than 2 years, a sports stadium has been functioning without a barrier certificate. What have the government and officials been doing all these days? Were they sleeping? Otherwise, were they wandering blindly? There is no point in trusting you (Gujarat government) anymore,” the judges said.

Following this, the Gujarat government has ordered the transfer of Rajkot Municipal Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava for negligence in this matter.


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