Gujarat sports center fire .. death toll rises to 24 .. what is the fate of many more?

Gujarat sports center fire death toll rises to 24 what

Gandhinagar: The death toll has increased in today’s terrible fire at a sports center in Rajkot, Gujarat. At first 4 people were said to have died, but now 24 people have died, according to official reports.

A sports center named TRP is functioning in Rajkot, Gujarat. It has many features like modern video games, cricket, basketball, theme park, games for children, so more than hundred people come here every day to play.

Accordingly, around 7 pm today when many people were in the sports center, a fire suddenly broke out in one place. The fire then quickly spread throughout the sports center. As a result, the people there were running around inside the place without any way to escape. There were many boys, girls and women.

Subsequently, the sports center management immediately informed the fire brigade. According to this, firemen who came there with more than 20 trucks tried to put out the fire. However, the center had electronic sports equipment and electrical appliances including AC which caught fire. The fire could not be extinguished easily.

In this case, the police extinguished the fire in a part of the sports center half an hour ago. At that time, the firemen rescued 20 people who were burnt in the fire as dead bodies. While 4 people have already died, the death toll has risen to 24. Apart from this, the death toll is feared to rise as more people are trapped in the sports centre.


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