Heavy Rain Affected Paddy Crop In Nellai Appavu Urge MK Stalin Over Compensation

Heavy Rain Affected Paddy Crop In Nellai Appavu Urge MK

In Tamil Nadu, from April to early May, people were scorched by the scorching heat. After the first week of May it started raining continuously. Due to heavy rain especially in Nellai and Tenkasi districts, there was flooding in Courtalam waterfall. Paddy crops ready for harvest were also damaged due to sudden heavy rains.

It is also said that paddy has sprouted completely because the rains came in the environment where the paddy farmers were almost ready to harvest, spending up to Rs 25,000 per acre. In this situation, Appavu, the speaker and MLA of Nellie district Radhapuram, has written a letter to Chief Minister M. K. Stalin regarding the rain-damaged paddy crops.

In it, “In many areas of Paddy district, paddy crops have grown and harvesting has been completed. In some areas, by the time the long-term crops were grown and ready for harvest, the paddy was submerged and fully germinated due to continuous rains. Due to this, even the rice crops and hay cannot be used,” he pointed out.

Appavu said that there has been heavy rain especially in Radhapuram assembly constituency for the past one week, “As a result, agricultural crops have been submerged in rain water and have been completely damaged. In Periya Pudukulam and Punchai Kutikulam irrigated areas near Panagudi, farmers cultivated paddy and the grains were ready for harvest. “Due to the heavy rains for the last 10 days, the paddy fields have sprouted and are completely damaged,” he pointed out.

Similarly, due to the heavy rain in Radhapuram Taluk, Kumpikulam, Perungudi, Vektianvilai Taluk, Kot Karunkulam areas, paddy crops have been severely damaged and similarly, paddy fields have been submerged and damaged in many places across Tirunelveli district.

Moreover, the Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has urged that “the Paddy District Administration should investigate the damage to the paddy crop in the entire district and consider it as a disaster, and the government should get a proper report and take immediate action to get full relief to all the affected farmers.”


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