Heroine Kamna Jethmalani with heart in single piece swimsuit..!

Actress Kamna Jethmalani made her film debut in 2005 with the Telugu film Premikulu. Although her first film did not give enough success, she became a popular heroine with her third film Ranam.

kamna 1

Born and brought up in Mumbai, she participated in the Miss Mumbai pageant held in Mumbai in 2004 and won second place.

Kamna Jethmalani..

Apart from acting in films’She also appeared in the music video of the pop song Chot Toh Angel Jamana Kya Kaheka’.

After this, he showed his amazing performance in the Tamil film Utiyathirun along with Jayam Ravi.

After acting in some Telugu films, she acted in the Tamil film Machakkaran opposite actor Jeevan, followed by several South Indian films, and in 2009, she acted in the film Rajathi Raja.

kamna 4

In this case, as he did not get much reception in Tamil, he went to Akkad and acted in Telugu and Kannada films.

Heroine with heart..

Currently, she is a heart-stealing heroine who has surprised fans by posting pictures on social media to steal the hearts of fans.

She can be busy on social media, although she has shown a lot of charm in Telugu films, but the photos and videos published on the web pages are a step more glamorous than that.

In that way, she is currently suffocating everyone in a single piece swimming suit that can attract the fans’ taste.

kamna 3

Seeing this photo, all the fans were speechless and also gave him more likes to make him happy and said that new film opportunities will come.

In a single piece swimsuit..

Fans who have stumbled across the photo of the heart-stealing heroine Kamna Jethmalani in this one-piece swimsuit are now saying that their hearts are racing.

The fans who are struggling to say what to say in this photo as the whole beauty of Katazhaku mani has been revealed, are ecstatic to see the beauty of the thighs maturely showing the beauty of the legs.

kamna 2

Every photo of her in a sleeveless Morden dress with a cooling glass in her hand and a cooling glass in her eye, showing off her v-shape in the front, is tempting to the fans.

After this, the internet users did not stop watching this photo, they shared it with their friends and turned it into one of the most viewed photos on the internet.


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