How was Sanatana status terminated? Explanation by Archaeologist A.Subparayalu

Archaeologist A. Subparayalu, who received the Semmozhi Sunday Award, delivered the acceptance speech at the award ceremony of the Liberation Tigers Party. His speech is important in explaining how sanatanam was established in Tamil society during the Chola period.

Inscriptions are mostly carved in temples. Today will be in Tamil Nadu Numerous temples are considered to bring solace to devotees. Not only that, these temples are also responsible for saving ups and downs in the society. The messages available in the inscriptions are also kings, People in power are often talked about. Among them, there is not much news about the marginalized people who are called subalterns.

The greatest challenge for historians is how to write a neutral history with this informationAs he noted. He gave the statistics of how many Brahmin towns there were during the Chola era, Why were Brahmins settled by kings? They did so to uphold the doctrine of Varuna. That is how the Sanatana doctrine of birth based on birth was put to rest by the Brahmins.

Sanatanam is no longer confined to Brahmins, It exists in all societies. A periyar is not enough to remove it, Many periyars are neededAs he noted.


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