Huge Fraud by Judiciary.? Prime Minister Modi is accused of sensationalism.!

Prime Minister Modi: Talking about the Calcutta High Court verdict on election norms, Prime Minister Modi said that the court verdict has now revealed that there is a huge fraud going on there.

The Calcutta High Court had earlier ruled that during the parliamentary election campaign in West Bengal, the BJP was running campaign/advertisements strongly criticizing the ruling Trinamool Congress party in violation of the election norms, thus prohibiting publication of such advertisements.

An appeal was filed by the BJP in the Delhi Supreme Court against the Calcutta High Court verdict. The case came up for hearing before a bench comprising Justices JK Maheshwari and KV Viswanathan, citing the Calcutta High Court judgment, which declined to hear the case saying that we find that the main political party (Trinamul Congress) has been heavily criticized through the advertisements.

Referring to this, Prime Minister Modi has severely criticized. In an interview to ANI, Prime Minister Modi said that it was only when the Calcutta High Court verdict came out that the outside world came to know how big a fraud was going on there. mentioned as

And what is more unfortunate is that they are now abusing the judiciary for vote bank politics. Prime Minister Modi has indirectly mentioned the Supreme Court verdict saying that this event cannot be accepted under any circumstances.


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