I am also Pombala.. I have that desire.. Shakila spoke openly..!

Actress Shakeela’s film, which gave mass in the Malayalam film world, was an adult-oriented film, so if her film is released, the actors who were earlier actors in Malayalam will hesitate to release their film.

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Apart from that, actress Shakeela, who has many male fans, was fondly called Cyclone, Lady Lal.

After this the Malayalam screen world banned him and he came to Chennai and settled down.

Actress Shakeela..

He has acted in more than 400 films in South Indian languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and has acted in character roles and comedy roles in Tamil films as well.

However, she did not get a chance to play character roles after going a step further than being a glamorous actress and being labeled as a typical film actress.

In this case, many people who understood her motherly feeling after participating in the show Cook with Komali which was aired on Vijay TV, affectionately called her mother.

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Apart from that, actress Shakeela, who has been giving a lot of interviews to private YouTube channels, openly shared some opinions in a recent interview.

I am a puppet too..

Does he have no desire for marriage in that way? He surprised everyone by giving an elegant answer to the question of why your marriage did not work out with someone.

In that way, the people who wanted to get married traveled with him for 10 years, three years, two years and one year and then left.

This is because I was forced to look not only at myself but also at my family and others did not understand it and played in my married life.

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I am Pombala and I have the same desires. However, my desire has so far turned out to be hopeless.

I have that desire too..

This was not only because of the care I took for my family but also because I was seen by those who wanted to marry me as such a woman.

That’s why he has openly said that two years and 10 years have ended like a serial story without getting married.

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After this, this matter has now become viral on the internet and the fact that actress Shakeela lost her life for her family like a common woman is a talking point among fans.

The friends who came to know about this matter shared it with their friends and talked about the high quality of actress Shakeela.


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