I am ready for that..body demand..beloved actress who said ok..! Katharika Pearl..!

Many actors who have gone from the small screen to the big screen have earned the name they deserve today. In that way, a popular actress is okay with that. The thing I said ready is trending on the internet.

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It has become a common thing for actresses to act attractively to get new opportunities in the film industry and to establish themselves in the film industry.

I am ready for that..

In that way, even if they show both talent and charm, the reason why they are getting less opportunities can be said to be the influx of newcomer actresses.

In that way, you have seen actresses who make a fuss that they will not act attractive in their new film debut. Because when they are introduced in the cinema, they will be well received by the fans.

Some more actresses are popular on small screen or popular on web pages.

OK for song demand..

They are of the opinion that they can attract fans through their facial beauty. Because of this, they will think that they will not show attractiveness.

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One of the most popular actresses, the beloved actress came from the small screen to the silver screen.

Veera used to say that this small screen actress will not act glamorous in movies after coming to the silver screen.

But now the situation has turned upside down and he is preparing to create a glamorous party for his fans. The main reason for this is that Ammani’s salary has been increased several times through this.

Beloved actress said..

Apart from that, after starting to show attractiveness, film opportunities keep pouring in, but the salary is only in lakhs.

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After this, if he wants to act in pairs with leading actors, he is preparing to act by wearing attractive clothes because he can only do so if he does some samachar.

Apart from that, informed sources say that the beloved actress has decided that the demand for her singing among her fans can be fulfilled by receiving a salary of crores.

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After this, Ammani’s early fans are laughing and laughing that Kathrikkai Muthina should come to the street.

This matter has now gone viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans as well.


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