I made it to the World Cup because of the Bangalore fans! Dinesh Karthik is emotional!

Dinesh Karthik: Dinesh Karthik has said that he got a place in the Indian team in the 2022 World Cup because of Bangalore fans.

Former Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik had already retired from international cricket and played only in IPL matches. Dinesh Karthik announced his retirement from IPL this year (2024).

In this situation, Dinesh Karthik shared many things about his farewell from the Bangalore team. In that way, they recently released a video on the Bengaluru team’s website. Speaking in that video, Dinesh Karthik openly said that he got a place in the Indian team in the 2022 World Cup because of the Bangalore team.

Talking about this, Dinesh Karthik said, “I think I got more fans when I played in the IPL matches for the Bangalore team. Virat Kohli is a very, very big name in our team and he is a huge part of RCB. But, fans are bigger than that. I can’t put into words the amount of love I’ve received because of playing for this team.

Sometimes I think I was selected for the 2022 World Cup because of the Bangalore fans. I will never forget the people who supported me saying ‘DK must be in the competition’. At the age of 37, I have not played international cricket for a long time, but I feel that the Bangalore team and the fans played a very important role in the small phase I played for my country,” he said emotionally.

Also, since Bengaluru bought Dinesh Karthik for 5.5 crores during the IPL 2022 mega auction, Dinesh Karthik has become a key figure in the team. It is worth noting that RCB’s fan base mostly watch Dinesh Karti’s game and come to the stadium for him.


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