I will appear in person on the 31st…Prajwal Revanna released the video.!

Karnataka: Majda MP Prajwal Revanna, who was said to have gone abroad after being caught in a sex complaint, has said through a video that he is innocent and will appear in person for the investigation on the 31st.

Karnataka, Hassan Constituency MJD MP Prajwal Revanna has been accused of sexual harassment by housemaids and some other women, it is said that he has fled abroad on diplomatic (special) passport for his MP post.

The Karnataka Special Investigation Team is investigating the case. As he failed to appear in person despite being summoned 3 times, a blue corner notice was issued against Prajwal and he was declared an internationally wanted person.

In such an environment, Prajwal has released a video and confirmed that he is not running anywhere and that he will appear in person on May 31. I have come abroad as planned. I am now looking at the sexual allegations against me. Political parties are slandering me. He posted that he has expressed regret to the party members and the public for not giving an explanation about this for so many days.


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