If something goes wrong, everyone should resign. Annamalai said strictly.

Annamalai: Annamalai has given an interview that when he took over as the SP in Udupi, he had said that all the policemen concerned should resign if something goes wrong under his control.

BJP state president Annamalai, who was very actively involved in the political field before the parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu, has now given an interview to a news agency for the first time after the elections. In an interview with PTI, Annamalai shared his experiences of police work beyond the political arena.

He said that when he first started working as SP of Annamalai district in Udupi, he mentioned that we did some important things at that particular time. Before he took over as the Udupi SP, a medical student was raped there. So at that time we had to transfer all the officers of the police station there. It was time for me to take over.

After that, if anything goes wrong while he was in charge of Udupi district, I strictly ordered that all concerned should resign and then we have to act as protectors of 14-15 lakh people in the district, we acted very strongly and aggressively, said his experiences during his time as SP of Udupu district. BJP state president Annamalai shared in a PTI interview.


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