If you have courage, talk about your leaders.. RB Udayakumar challenge to Annamalai.!

ADMK Ex Minister RB Udhayakumar - BJP State President Annamalai

Madurai: BJP wants to identify themselves by talking about Jayalalithaa. Get people’s support by praising their leaders if possible – RP Udayakumar.

A few days ago, BJP state president Annamalai, in a private news channel interview about the late former chief minister, said that Jayalalithaa was a Hindutva leader and she openly expressed her Hinduness to the people, which is facing strong opposition among AIADMK members.

Already on behalf of AIADMK, its senior executives have said about the comments made by Annamalai that Jayalalithaa is a believer in God. But they condemned Annamalai’s comment saying that he was not a supporter of Hindutva and that he was a leader of all religions. But Annamalai refused to accept it and spoke again, saying that Jayalalithaa belongs to Hindutva. He again created a sensation by saying that he is ready to hold a debate with those who deny it.

In this case, former AIADMK minister and senior AIADMK executive RB Udayakumar told reporters in Madurai today that it is not the case here that people should know the principles adhered to by our leaders. To identify them (Annamalai), they take our leaders with them. Hindutva is a separate debate. that is different. Our leader Edappadi Palaniswami will give an answer about it in due course.

If you have courage, tell people about your leaders, past leaders, today’s leaders, tell people. Try to gain the trust of the people of Tamil Nadu through that. But knowing that the people of Tamilnadu will never accept your policies, the people of Tamilnadu will not accept the views you are giving as a false praise team saying that you are praising our leaders, said former AIADMK minister RB Udayakumar.


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