Ilayaraja notice against Manjumal Boys film

Music composer Ilayaraja, who served a notice for using his song in Rajinikanth’s Kooli, has now served a notice for using his song in the Malayalam blockbuster Manjumal Boys.

The film Manjumal Boys, which is based on the true incident of Kodaikanal, is getting good response among the fans of Tamil Nadu. This movie is directed by Malayalam director Chidambaram and released on February 22, Past 2006 The screenplay is based on a true incident that happened in Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

This film is about a group of friends trying to save one of their friends who fell into the Kodaikanal Guna Cave. In the final scene of the film, when the friend who fell in the cave is lifted up, the lyrics from the film Guna, “This is not human love for man to realize, it is sacred beyond that” are heard. It can be said that the inclusion of this song at the right place is a major reason for the success of this film.

While this film which was released in Kerala was well received by the fans in Tamil Nadu as well, the film crew, after the release of the film, While Guna had met and congratulated the film’s hero Kamal Haasan, Later they met actor Rajinikanth at his residence. Actor Rajinikanth watched the special scene of the film, He invited the film crew to his house and expressed his appreciation.

Meanwhile, music composer Ilayaraja, who gives a notice against his song being used in any film, has now taken action when fans said that he did not care about the film Manjumal Boys. Ilayaraja has sent a notice to the film crew for using his song from Manjumal Boys.

In the notice sent in this regard, As the creator of the song, Ilayaraja has full rights to this song. Should have got his permission and used this song. Or remove this song from the movie. Appropriate compensation should be provided for the use of the song. If not, then the copyright has already been infringed, It has been mentioned that legal and criminal action will be taken.


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