Ilayaraja’s lawyer notice.. Manjummal Boys producer explanation.!

Ilayaraja: Producer Vinod Kumar has explained to Ilayaraja’s lawyer’s notice that the composer cannot claim rights over the songs.

Director Chidambaram’s Malayalam movie “Manjummal Boys” released this year and became a huge hit. In this film, the team used the song “Kanmani Anbodu Valanthan” from the film Guna. Due to the presence of this song, the film was released in Tamil as well.

In this case, Ilayaraja, the music composer of Guna film song, sent a legal notice against the producers of Manjummal Boys for not getting his permission to use the song.

In Ilayaraja’s lawyer’s notice, “As the creator of the song, he is the full owner of the song under copyright law, so he has to get proper permission to use the right song. The notice also asked for compensation within 15 days for unauthorized use of the song.

Now, in response to Ilayaraja’s legal notice, Shaun Antony, one of the producers of Manjummal Boys, has clarified the copyright issue.

In his explanation in this regard, he said, “We have not yet received the notice sent by Ilayaraja, who said that he has obtained the rights of the song from two copyrighted music companies. He said that this complaint is unnecessary and the court should put an end to these issues.

It is to be noted that Ilayaraja had earlier made similar allegations for some films claiming to have used his songs.


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