Imprisonment up to 18 years; Warning to young people who go abroad for work: Tamil Welfare Department warns

The Tamil Nadu Welfare Department has issued a warning to the youth of Tamil Nadu who are looking for work abroad. The Department of Immigration and Tamil Nadu has warned that young people should be careful not to fall prey to scammers who claim to offer jobs abroad.

They take them to Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand on tourist visa in the name of IT work and engage in illegal work. Youths who refuse to do illegal online work are severely harassed. It said to be wary of agents who lure young people with words of desire. It also states that you cannot work in Laos on a tourist visa and that crimes are punishable by up to 18 years in prison.

In a statement released by the Tamil Nadu Welfare Department, “Tamil Nadu youths are migrating abroad for various job opportunities. Recently, in the name of information technology work, they are being taken to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) on tourist visas, and once there, they are forced to engage in illegal online activities.

They severely harass people who refuse to do such illegal online work. So far, 83 Tamils ​​have been rescued from the above mentioned countries in the last year alone by the Department of Tamil Nadu.

In recent times, our youth are being taken to Laos through Thailand for information technology (IT) work and digital marketing work and forced to engage in illegal activities.

Agents like these are operating in Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and India. These agents select the youth for IT jobs through a very simple interview and a simple typing test with the promise of high salary, accommodation, return flight ticket and visa.

Young people are smuggled across the Thai border into Laos in what they believe to be IT work and imprisoned to work under harsh and restrictive conditions in Laos’ Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

An arrival visa does not allow employment in Thailand or Laos. Also, the Lao authorities do not issue a Work Permit to those who come to Laos on such a visa.

It is important to note that the tourist visa should be used only for the purpose of tourism. Persons found guilty of human trafficking in Laos face up to 18 years in prison.

It is advised that our youths should be cautious and inquire carefully about the recruitment agency and the company they are going to work for so that they don’t get caught in such scams. Also, it is mandatory to check the authenticity of the work visa and proper work permit (Work Permit) from the Indian embassy in the country where you are going to work or the embassy of that country in India before traveling.

For details on job opportunities in Laos and Cambodia, contact the Embassy of India in Laos at 856-2055536568, email and the Embassy of India in Cambodia, email They are requested to verify through

It is requested to contact the toll-free numbers of Tamil Nadu Department of Immigration Tamil Nadu Government for details related to migrant employment and to solve the problems faced by Tamils ​​in foreign countries.

A. 18003093793 (within India)
Cow. 8069009901 (For calling from abroad)
e. 8069009900 (Missed Call No.)

Also the Immigration Protection Officer, Chennai (Protector of Emigrants, Chennai) helpline number- 90421 49222 can also be contacted. “Strict legal action will be taken by the police against agents/agencies that send people to work abroad without obtaining registration from the central government in Tamil Nadu,” it said.


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