Inclement weather: Power outage for about 3 lakh customers

Electricity and Power Minister Kanchana Wijesekara has said that over 300,000 customers have experienced power outages in the past 3 days due to inclement weather.

He has posted this on his official X account in this regard.

In that way, he mentioned that 36,900 incidents related to power supply interruption have been reported to the Sri Lanka Electricity Board during the said period.

In his post, Minister Kanchana mentioned that additional staff have been appointed to restore the electricity supply and they are working round the clock.

Also, when electricity consumers are unable to contact the Electricity Board’s emergency phone number 1987, by sending an SMS (type BD interval electricity account number and send it to 1987), CEB Care app, website ( the Sri Lanka Electricity Board has mentioned that it can notify about power cut.

Inclement weather Power outage for about 3 lakh customers


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