India and Mongolia are keen on improving defense cooperation

Mongolia and India have held extensive discussions on enhancing bilateral security cooperation. A joint working group meeting in this regard has been held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

In this meeting jointly organized by the Defense Ministries of India and Mongolia, various ways to improve the security cooperation between the two sides were identified and both sides expressed their satisfaction with the current security cooperation.

The meeting was jointly chaired by Amitabh Prasad, Joint Secretary (International Cooperation) of the Ministry of Defense of India and Brigadier General Kankuyak Tavaktor, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia.

Addressing the meeting, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Prasad highlighted the capabilities of the Indian Defense Department and expressed his hope for a fruitful partnership with the Mongolian Defense Forces. At that time the Mongol side also expressed confidence in the capabilities of Indian industry.

Meanwhile, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of India Amitabh Prasad and Indian Ambassador to Mongolia Atul Malhari Kotsarve met the Deputy Defense Minister of Mongolia P. They also met Biermagn and discussed bilateral cooperation issues.


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