India is moving the pieces tactfully.. ‘That’ thing in Sri Lanka’s possession is the target! Will it be available? Serious negotiations?

India is moving the pieces tactfully That thing in Sri

The island nation of Sri Lanka enjoys excellent relations with India and recently the Kachchathivu issue erupted. Yet the relationship between India and Sri Lanka has remained harmonious without the slightest rift.

The leaders of the country have said that although many countries have helped Sri Lanka, which is stuck in economic crisis, India’s help is the biggest. More recently, Sri Lankan ministers have been praising India and expressing their willingness to cooperate with India.

Especially the ministers of that country had said that they are ready to do anything for India. Sri Lanka has a resource that India needs in that way. It is reported that India is currently negotiating to acquire it.

Sri Lanka is an island country. So there will be more accumulation of mineral resources. In that way, India wants to acquire the graphite mines that are abundant in Sri Lanka. It has also been reported that the Government of India is going to hold talks with the Government of Sri Lanka regarding this. It is also said that the negotiations are currently underway.

On the one hand, India is in talks to take over Sri Lanka’s graphite mines. On the other hand, talks on an alliance with the United Arab Emirates to buy important minerals with Sri Lanka are pending. Graphite metal is a very important raw material in making batteries.

Graphite is also very important to India. In that way, it is said that if India acquires the graphite that is abundant in Sri Lanka, it will give economic development to Sri Lanka and resource development to India.

At present, only negotiations on graphite mining are underway. It is to be noted that the official information about the next round of results has not yet been released.


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