Is Jayalalitha Hindutva leader? Condemnations intensify in AIADMK.!

AIADMK: Former AIADMK minister Jayakumar has recorded his condemnation of Annamalai calling Jayalalithaa as Hindutva leader through a statement.

In an interview to a private news agency, BJP state president Annamalai called the late former chief minister and former AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa a Hindutva leader. Also, during the 2014 elections, Jayalalithaa was the choice of the Hindus, and she openly declared her Hindu identity and even donated her salary to Hindu temples.

AIADMK is raising objections to Annamalai’s comments. Former AIADMK minister RB Udayakumar said why Annamalai did not honor the achievements of Vajpayee and Advani. There is a political motive in praising Annamalai (Jayalalitha) who sacrificed herself for the people. He had expressed his opinion as to how people would accept what he had said with a political motive.

Following this today, on behalf of the ADMK, former minister Jayakumar has issued a statement of condemnation against Annamalai. In that mother (Jayalalitha) is beyond caste and religion. Hindu, Islam. Common to other religions including Christianity. He respected all religions equally.

When the Babri Masjid was demolished, violent incidents took place in many states of the country. It was Amma (Jayalalitha) who turned Tamilnadu into a park of peace by not allowing any kind of violence in Tamilnadu.
BJP State President Annamalai wants to identify himself and with the aim of spreading defamation on Amma, giving an interview as a mono-religious leader is highly condemnable.

Rice to prepare fasting porridge for mosques during the holy month of Ramadan
The program was introduced in 2001 when AIADMK came to power. It was during the AIADMK regime that the scheme of providing financial assistance to the Christians to visit the holy place of Jerusalem was started. Amma (Jayalalitha) has been uncompromising in protecting people of all religions and respecting their beliefs.

Former AIADMK minister Jayakumar has said that Annamalai’s deliberate interview to tarnish her name and reputation is highly condemnable as Amma belongs to Hinduism only for her own political gain and to identify herself in Tamil Nadu.


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