Is the state government just watching the blocking of natural drainage for fun? – Question to Seaman Govt

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Is the state government just watching the blocking of natural drainage for fun? Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has questioned the Tamil Nadu government.

In a social media post published by him in this regard, the Union state governments should immediately stop the dangerous act of pouring stones into the Koovam river to build a road for the construction of the Maduravayal-Chennai port flyover. The proposed flyover is expected to span 15 km over the Coovam River from Maduravayal to the port. The National Highways Authority of India’s argument that it is mandatory to build a road by dumping stones in the river to carry out the construction work, and that the project is in the national interest, is not acceptable in any way. If the rivers which are the natural drains of Chennai city are blocked, it will be affected many times in the future like the flood that happened to Chennai city during the last heavy rains.

When the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has already declared Koovam Aara as a “dead river”, the move by the Highways Authority to completely block the river is an act of ecological indifference. Does the Union Government, which does not provide flood relief, only provide flood relief schemes? Is the state government, which has not constructed drainage capable of withstanding heavy rains, just watching the natural drainage for fun?

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Chennai as a whole can never be allowed to suffer from a plan to export Tamil Nadu’s resources easily and quickly to facilitate the growth of multinational capitalists. I urge you to stop this work immediately and clear the road and remove the dumped garbage and stones. I also warn that the Union State Governments will have to face dire consequences if they do not abandon this scheme which is killing people due to heavy rains. mentioned.


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