Is this the little girl who acted in Varisu? The ultimate glamor pose in a swimsuit..!

Varisu is a movie that was released on the occasion of Pongal in the year 2023. This movie is almost a Telugu cinema style movie.

While actor Vijay has a huge following in Tamil and Malayalam, he does not have that many fans in Telugu cinema. At the same time, Telugu cinema has become a money-flowing market.

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As all the films that collect thousands of crores of rupees are being made in Telugu cinema, the next film to make a foothold in Telugu cinema is the film starring Vijay. This movie was made with a little big budget.

Image that gave the failure:

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The film was directed by Telugu director Vamsidhan. Many important actors like Sarathkumar, Prabhu, SJ Surya, Shyam acted in it. Actress Rasmika Mandhana played the lead role.

Although it was believed to be a big hit in Telugu, the film did not receive much reception there. After that, Vijay stopped acting in films. A girl named Sanjana Dewari will play the role of a school girl in Varisu.

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Girl turned actress:

Even though Sanjana Tiwari appeared in a few scenes in the film, she was a well-received actress. However, many people were saying that she will play the heroine in the future.

sanjanatiwari 1

In this situation, after only one year of the release of the film Vaaris, the photos of Sanjana Tiwari in a swimming costume are surprising many people.

sanjanatiwari 3

Many times Tamil cinema has seen girls who usually act as girls grow up to act as actresses very soon. But everyone is sharing these photos wondering if she has become such a big woman within a year.

This photo was taken by Sanjana Tiwari at Bali, a tourist destination in Indonesia.

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