Israel carried out a brutal attack! 35 people were tragically killed!

Rafa: Israel’s army has retaliated as Hamas attacked Israel by firing rockets.

Various armed organizations are working to liberate Palestine from Israeli hands. One such organization is Hamas. In the past year, the organization has launched missile attacks on Israel.

In response, the Israeli army carried out brutal attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza for more than 200 days. More than 34,000 people died in that attack. Half of them, more than 75%, were children, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported at the time.

In this case, last night, Hamas again attacked Israel’s Tel Aviv by throwing rockets. In response to this, the Israeli army has again launched a brutal attack. It has been reported that 35 people have died in this brutal attack.

Also, there are reports that the death toll may increase. Meanwhile, there is a lot of tension in Rafah as there are reports that Israeli planes may launch attacks at any time. Also, the Israeli army explained that the attack was carried out on the hideout of the leaders of the Hamas movement. They also claim that the main commanders of the Hamas movement were killed.


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