Israeli airstrikes on people taking refuge in Rabaa

An Israeli airstrike on a camp for displaced people in southern Gaza has killed 40 people.

“The Israeli occupation army massacred refugee tents in the northwest of Raba city in southern Gaza, killing 40 people and injuring 65,” Muhammad al-Muwain, a senior official at the Gaza Civil Defense Agency, told AFP. He told the news agency.

The camp is a protected area.

At least eight missiles were fired at the face at 8.45pm local time last Sunday, according to eyewitnesses.

Waba, the Palestinian news agency, cited the Palestinian Red Crescent Society as saying that many of the dead were burned alive in tents in the Tal al-Sultan area.

“We had just finished our night prayers,” one Palestinian survivor recalled of the attack. ‘Our children were sleeping. Suddenly we heard a loud noise and all around us caught fire. The children screamed… the noise was terrible,’ the woman told AFP. told the news agency.

Many people with burns have been admitted to a Red Cross hospital operating there. “We are doing all we can to save lives,” the Red Cross said.

Al Jazeera news agency confirmed that the attack targeted the Birks camp west of Raba city. In the pictures captured from the air on May 24 in this area, the UN There seem to be hundreds of tents here near a barn.

This attack by Israel took place at a time when Hamas launched a rocket attack on Israel’s Tel Aviv city for the first time in the last few months. Israel said eight rockets were fired from Raba towards Israel.

Despite the International Court of Justice ordering Israel to stop military operations in Raba, Israel continues to carry out heavy attacks there.

In this case, it stated that the Israeli Air Force had carried out an attack on a Hamas compound in Raba and carried out this attack ‘based on precision explosives and accurate intelligence’.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who convened the Wartime Cabinet last Sunday night, discussed the continuation of the Raba force operation. UN to carry out some military operations there. He also contended that the order of the court is permissible.

In a statement on Telegram, Hamas’ armed wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, said the rocket attacks were “against the massacre of civilians by the Zionists”.

About 100 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, Raba is a remarkable site.

Israel insists that the military operation in Raba is necessary to eliminate Hamas, which rules Gaza, and to free hostages, raising fears of massive casualties as a large number of Palestinians flock to the area.

Israeli tanks are stationed on the outskirts of Raba near Egypt’s border crossing with Gaza, and residents there say the tanks are advancing towards the city’s eastern residential areas.

However, Israeli forces, which began operations here earlier this month, have yet to enter Raba.

More than 900,000 Palestinians have once again fled the city since the offensive on Raba began earlier this month.

Fighting has also continued in northern Gaza, with attacks intensifying in the city of Jabaliya. This area was the scene of heavy conflict even at the beginning of the war. Al Quds Force, the armed wing of the Palestinian Jihad Organization, said in a statement yesterday that it had attacked Israeli forces inside a building in northern Gaza.

The Al Quds Force said it fired rocket-propelled grenades at Israeli forces inside a fence located on the eastern side of the Jabalia camp, where fighting has intensified over the past few weeks.

The number of Palestinians killed in Israel’s relentless attacks on Gaza over the past eight months now exceeds 36,000 and more than 80,000 have been injured.


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