It will show the person in front without clothes.

Actress Nadia, whose real name is Sarina Anusha Moidu, changed her name to act in films.

She acted as a heroine in South Indian language films from 1984 to 1994. Also actress Nadia has made a huge impact on the minds of fans by acting in Tamil films.

nathiya 1

He has increased his fan base by showing his acting in beautiful films without showing much charm in films.

Actress Nadia..

As far as actress Nadiya is concerned, after making her debut as a female lead in the Tamil film Poove Poochudava, various film opportunities came her way.

Actress Nadia taught me the maturity of being able to impress the fans by wearing a decent outfit in screen films.

After seeing her performance, many people started selling her used items like Nadia bangle, Nadia sandal, Nadia saree, Nadia bicycle in her name.

nathiya 2.webp

In this case, actress Nadia acted again in Tamil in the Tamil film M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi. Apart from acting in films, he has also acted in many commercials.

Especially in the year 2008, Arogya Milk advertisement and Thangamail Jewelery advertisement brought him in front of our eyes every day.

Items in hand bag..

An interview was recently conducted with him who is very busy on social media. In that hood, he was asked what items he could have in his hand bag.

Actress Nadia, who gave excellent support, took out one by one the items that could be in her handbag. The first was the cell phone.

After this he took the cooling glass. Do you know what would happen if the person who asked the question looked at this cooling glass and put this cooling glass in such a way that they could see him as a model and respond accordingly?

nathiya 3

He said with a smile that it’s the kind of sunglasses that show whoever is in front of them without clothes.

Hearing this, the teacher laughed and asked, “Oh, it’s that glass” and continued asking questions about what other things were in Nadia’s handbag.

This photo shows without clothes..

Next to the cooling glass was a small note pen and some items. However, the highlight was the cooling glass.

nathiya 4

The matter is now going viral on the internet after Nadia said that she uses this cooling glass whenever necessary.

After this, the fans shared this with their friends and made it one of the most read things on the internet.


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