It’s a special place.. The life of VJ Maheshwari who got trapped by the video..

Maheshwari Chanakyan started her screen career as a television host.

He was famous for hosting various shows. In particular, he has hosted various programs on television including Vijay TV Zee Tamil Television.

VJ Maheshwari:

He used to host various shows like Isaiyaruvi, Vakshti Lakshmi, Comedy Killadigal, Betar App and others.

vj maheshwari1 3

Meanwhile, he has also participated in various television programs as a special guest. Through this, he became famous as a VJ and later got a film opportunity.

Vijay became famous as a contestant on the TV show Bigg Boss.

Viji Maheshwari always grabs everyone’s attention by posing on her social media pages wearing sexy outfits and posing in a glamorous look.

Her attractive beauty has a huge fan following on Instagram. It was through this that he got the opportunity of Bigg Boss.

Popularity gained for attractiveness:

An opportunity to act in films came next to VJ Maheshwari who became famous for Bigg Boss.

vj maheshwari2

Meanwhile, she has acted in short films including Soulmate and in the mega hit Vikram starring Vijay Sethupathi and Kamal Haasan, VJ Maheshwari played one of Vijay Sethupathi’s three wives.

Vijay Maheshwari, who is now 34 years old, got married at a very young age. BJ Maheshwari married Chanakyan in 2005 and has a son.

In the meantime, VJ Maheshwari has stated in many interviews that she was experiencing great problems and tortures from her husband in her life.

Harassment by husband:

Even in a recent interview her husband treated me like a slave. Apart from that, don’t hang out with friends and don’t act with any men.

He bullied me by making rules that I should only be a VJ. Not only that, financially I also suffered a lot with him.

He would sternly tell my mother not to do even small favors. Despite that, if I help them in any way, he threatens to send me away with them.

So my mother decided to take up domestic work. How hard would my mother have made me study? I can’t see him going to work at home.

Independent Living:

If I end up in this same situation will he send me to do domestic work? It seemed to me.

vj maheshwari3

Immediately I divorced my husband and am now living a very independent and peaceful life alone with my son.

He had said warmly in an interview that he will take good care of my mother. However, the current information is that

Recently he conducted a home tour and opened up about many things in his house.

Separate drinking room:

I have a separate kitchen at home to drink and cook with my friends.

He has openly said that refrigerator and separate space have been arranged.

This matter has left everyone speechless. Many people who have heard this are criticizing VJ Maheshwari. Is this your independent life? Criticized as


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