Kamal Haasan drug supply.. Kasthuri’s response to Suchitra’s speech..!

Everyone knows very well that singer Suchitra’s Suchi Leaks issue has been widely talked about for the past two to three weeks. In that way, he made strong attacks on Kamal Haasan and said that he was supplying drugs which shocked everyone.

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After this, in this post, you can read in detail about what actress Kasthuri spoke about in order to respond to this matter.

Did Kamal supply drugs?

If the films are successful, it is customary to invite the actors and actresses who work with him to parties like birthdays, weddings, etc. of famous people in the film world.

Especially if it’s a late night party, there’s no need to listen to the screen world. Let the party dissolve without famine of Madhu and Madhu.

In that way, singer Suchitra has spoken about Kamal Haasan’s use of cocaine while celebrating a party at her house, which has caused serious shocks.

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Actor Kamal Haasan, who has a status of his own in the society, is fondly called by fans as Ulanganayagan. Will he engage in such activities? The question has been raised.

For Suchitra’s speech..

In this case, after the arrest of film producer Sadiq for his involvement in the drug trafficking case, not only the mood of the fans but also their thinking angle has changed.

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In this case, actress Kasthuri has responded in support of Kamal after the allegation of giving drugs to actors and actresses at parties thrown by singer Suchitra Kamal.

Musk retaliates..

In that reply, he not only praises Kamal, but also asks why the participants do not take the drugs with them when they go to participate in each house’s Vishesh.

And will the party organizers give? Will no one think? He has raised suspicious questions like

Apart from that, he is denying that Suchitra talked about the use of drugs in the parties held at Kamal Haasan’s house and said that there is no possibility of such a thing happening.

Apart from that, as he does not have a habit of drinking or using drugs, he has said that he is responsible for bringing his friends, actors and actresses, to their house at two o’clock in the morning.

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The reason for this is that I used to take them home because I am clear about not using such drugs when they are heavily intoxicated, he said in an interview and went viral on the internet.

Moreover, this matter is now viral on the internet and actress Kasthuri has responded to Subitra’s speech and is saying that she has defended Kamal Haasan.

However, how much truth is there in this and why does Subitra often criticize celebrities and when will answers be given?


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