Kollidam River Trichy, 2000 cubic feet of water released in Kollidam River… Warning to coastal people!

Kollidam River Trichy 2000 cubic feet of water released in

As 2,000 cubic feet of water has been released into the Kollidam river from Mukkombu Melani, the people in the coastal areas have been notified through loudspeakers to be safe.

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2100 cubic feet of water is coming from Mettur Dam to Trichy Mukhombu Melanai. At the same time, due to the heavy rains in the surrounding areas including Karur, Erode, Salem and the banks of the Cauvery, the inflow of water to the Three Horns has started to increase.
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As a result, 2000 cubic feet of water has been released from Trichy Mukkombu Melanai to Kollidam River. Due to this, the public in the coastal areas has been notified through the loudspeaker to be safe. 

Officials of Public Works Department and Water Resources Department have issued a notification in this regard. 500 cubic feet of water is being released in Cauvery river. So people are now being advised through loudspeakers not to bathe in Kollid River, not to stand on bridges and take selfies, laundry workers to store clothes safely and people living along the banks not to let their cattle graze in the river.

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According to the information given by District Collector Pradeep Kumar, there are many joint projects being implemented in Kollidam River. He also mentioned that 2000 cubic feet of water has been released from Kollidam Kathavani as water is needed for Veerana. He also advised the public to be safe while crossing the Kollid River and the laundry workers.


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