Madurai District Court granted bail to YouTuber TTF Vasan..!

DTF Vasan : Court granted bail to YouTuber DTF Vasan, who was arrested in the car speeding case.

A few days ago, popular YouTuber DTF Vasan posted a video on his YouTube page of a drive to the Tiruchendur temple. Then, a case was registered against him for driving while talking on the phone near Madurai toll plaza.

TDF Wasan was charged under 7 sections and was being investigated at the police station, today he was produced by the police department in the criminal court in Madurai.

Moreover, it was expected that he would not get bail due to the cases filed by the police department, but now the Madurai District Court has ordered to grant him bail.

In the hearing held today in the court, TDF Wasan’s side said, “DTF Wasan did not cause any harm to the public because he was driving the car and none of the public complained that he was disturbing the public by driving the car fast.

Vasan’s side argued that he is a growing youth and since he will be acting in a film on May 4, he should be granted bail. After hearing the arguments of both sides, the judge finally granted him bail after asking him to write an apology letter to the court.

Also, TDF Vasan has told the court that “I am living in a trance and they have filed a false case against me”. Due to this, the judge wrote a letter of reprimand and asked for the TDF to follow traffic regulations and granted bail.


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