Many days demand to extend Coimbatore-Madurai intercity train to Red Fort! Will Southern Railway take action?

Many days demand to extend Coimbatore Madurai intercity train to RedCoimbatore-Madurai Intercity Express:

An intercity express train runs from Coimbatore to Madurai at 2.30 pm daily. This train reaches Madurai railway station at 7:35 pm via Botanur, Kinathukadavu, Pollachi, Udumalai, Palani, Ottanchatram, Dindigul, Kodairod, Vadipatti, Cholavanthan, Samayanallur.

Then the train departs from Madurai at 7 AM the next day and reaches Coimbatore at 12.10 PM via Samayanallur Cholavanthan Vadipatti Kodairod Dindigul Ottenchatram Palani Udumalai Pollachi Kinathukkadau Botthanur.

In this situation, the Intercity Express train arriving at Madurai at 7:35 PM on the first day is stopped at Madurai Railway Station till 7:00 AM the next day.

Will it extend to Red Fort?

Following this, the people of Tenkasi Virudhunagar district have demanded that this express train which arrives at Madurai at 7:35 pm should be extended from Madurai to Red Fort.

In particular, a large number of people from Sengottai Thenkasi Sankarankoil Kadayanallur Rajapalayam Srivilliputhur Sivakasi Virudhunagar and other areas are living in various cities including Palani Pollachi Udumalai Coimbatore Mettupalayam for work and education.

Passenger request for Southern Railway:

As there is no direct train facility for them to go to their hometowns, there is a situation where they pay higher fares in Omni buses during weekends, holidays and festivals.

Also there is no train service from Madurai to Red Fort after 6:00 pm. At present only Mettupalayam weekly train is running on Coimbatore Sengotta route.

In this situation, the people of Tenkasi and Virudhunagar districts have been demanding for a long time that a daily train should be run from Coimbatore to Sengottai.

Thus, if the train halted at Madurai is run from there to Sengottai, it will be beneficial for the people of Virudhunagar Tenkasi district.


Similarly, if this train is operated from Red Fort early in the morning, the train passengers and the public expect that this train service will be a boon for the people of the southern district to go to Madurai Coimbatore for educational work and medical facilities and the people of Kerala state will also get additional train facility to go to Coimbatore for the same work.

Thus, the public expects that this train, which will reach Madurai at 7.30 pm, will be extended to South Fort via Kadayanallur Tenkasi via Virudhunagar Sivakasi Srivilliputhur Rajapalayam Sankaranko and the other route will depart from Senkottai at 4 am and reach Madurai as usual on the way to Coimbatore.


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