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Tonight I would like to tell you about this game Mean-While, and it has proven to be an absolute delight in the realm of non-linear adventure games. The premise alone – two rival megalomaniacs forced to collaborate for survival – is both amusing and intriguing, setting the stage for a thrilling and comedic gaming experience.


Being stuck as both Skeleman and Dr. Dangerous in each other’s fortresses adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay that I find incredibly engaging. The need to switch between characters to aid each other in their journey to the top is a unique mechanic that keeps the adventure dynamic and entertaining.

The retro-themed design of Mean-While adds a nostalgic charm to the game, and the combination of jumping, slashing, shooting, bombing, bashing, and grappling provides a diverse range of actions that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The comedic elements sprinkled throughout the title add a lighthearted touch, making the overall experience enjoyable and entertaining.

The collaboration aspect between two characters with such distinct personalities – Skeleman and Dr. Dangerous – brings a comedic dynamic to the story. It’s not just a game; it’s a hilarious escapade filled with unexpected twists and turns, making each level a joy to explore.


In conclusion, Mean-While has pleasantly surprised me with its unique premise, engaging gameplay mechanics, and retro-themed design. It’s a non-linear adventure that strikes a perfect balance between challenge and fun. If you’re a fan of comedic retro games with a twist, Mean-While is definitely worth adding to your library.


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