Metti Oli Santi became the real mother-in-law of the serial actress..! The shock at the reception..!

Metti Oli serial which was telecasted on Sun TV comes out on TV and housewives sit down to watch this serial without doing any work.

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In that way, Shanthi, who acted in this serial, is currently married to her son Sandhya, who is acting in Shaktivel serial.

Metti Oli Santi..

Following this, the video of Shanti Master dancing at his son’s reception is now going viral on the internet among fans.

No one can easily forget Ammi Ammi Mithidu song from Metti Oli serial. Dance master Shanthi who has danced in this song will be showing a beautiful dance.

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He has also acted in many serials. Also, he is acting in Sakthivel serial which is being aired on Vijay TV. She is participating as a contestant in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

The real mother-in-law of the serial actress..

Fans were saddened to see him leave the Bigg Boss competition within a few weeks of his participation. She has gained a lot of influence among fans and is currently acting as Boomer’s mother-in-law in Shaktivel serial.

While many may criticize him for his performance, in his own life he has coped with the burden of family after losing his father at a young age.

santhi 6

Similarly, in her life, she has been struggling to raise her son after her husband left her after marriage.

In that way, he is currently accepting his real daughter-in-law as his real daughter-in-law, who plays Shanthi in the Sakthivel serial for his son Murali. Their engagement took place a few days ago.

The shock at the reception..

In what could be an arranged marriage by the elders, the groom Murali and the bride Sandhya surprised everyone with gifts as their friends attended the reception.

santhi 7

This is because their friends have prepared something like a banner when they gave a gift on the platform. That is what is currently attracting the attention of the fans and has also given him a lot of praise.

The reason for this is that in this banner, Sandhya and Murali are standing on one side and RCB Jesse is placed in the middle as if there is a cricket cup.

Also, in that banner, they have mentioned that no matter how much life pushes them back, they wish to work as a team and progress like RCB.

After this, any matter is spreading virally on the internet and has become a topic of discussion among the fans.

And if you want to watch this video just click on the link below.


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