Modi’s visit to Kanyakumari is an election violation: Congress opposes

Modis visit to Kanyakumari is an election violation Congress opposes

Lok Sabha elections across the country 7 It is happening in phases. The final round of elections will be held in June 1-To be held on Election results in June 4-will be released on

in this situation, Prime Minister Modi Tomorrow (May 30) Kanyakumari is coming. He will come to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala by flight from Delhi, From there he reaches Kanyakumari by helicopter.

Then PM Modi will go to Vivekananda Rock in the middle of the sea by boat, June from that evening 1-Continued till date 3 Vivekananda meditates in the hall for days.

After that, He comes out of the meditation hall in a separate boat, Afternoon 3.15 Go to Thiruvananthapuram by helicopter from Kanyakumari, From there by plane TeLily is goingR.

Because Prime Minister Modi is going to meditate, Thursday to Vivekananda Memorial Hall, Friday, Saturn (May 30, 31, June 1) are 3 Tourists are banned for days.

Security arrangements have been beefed up in Kanyakumari ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit.

But, Rules of Conduct of Elections shall be in forceThaSuch programs should not be allowed that The Congress party has opposed this.

Tamil Nadu Congress leader Selvaperunthagai said about this X on the side May 30 First June 1 There are reports that Narendra Modi will meditate at Kanyakumari. The Election Commission should not give permission for such a program as the Election Conduct Rules are in force as per the Representation of the People Act.

Pre-polling 48 It is clear that Modi is trying to do covert propaganda through the media through such an event during the hour of peace. A letter will be given to the Election Commission in this regard tomorrow. We will also approach court if necessary that stated.


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