Mumbai-bound Air India passenger arrested

Air India passenger arrested on Mumbai-bound flight

Air India passenger Arjun Talor (34) from Rajasthan who traveled from Jaipur to Mumbai has been arrested.

Arjun Talor, who traveled from Jaipur to Mumbai on Saturday (May 25), was caught smoking in the lavatory of the flight. One of the cabin crew noticed that the alarm beeped immediately after Arjun Talor smoked inside the lavatory.

After he came out of the toilet, they found smoke and ash inside the toilet and confirmed it. Later, when the plane landed at the Mumbai airport, they handed it over to the airport security officials. Sahar police have arrested him under Section 336 (endangering life of others) of the Indian Penal Code.

“The cabin crew has warned the passengers not to smoke on the flight. Defying the warning, while the flight was mid-air, Arjun Talor smoked in the lavatory,” said the police officer of Sahar police station who arrested him.


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