My father raped her., then I… Hamas youth Baqir’s confession.!

Israel: My father raped a woman during the attack on Israel. Then the youth from Hamas gave a confession that I did it.

In October 2023, the pro-Palestinian organization Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. More than 1200 Israelis died during this attack. Many were taken hostage by Hamas. Until now, the Israeli military has been conducting an offensive in Gaza City, where Hamas has a large presence. Israel says it will not stop attacks until Hamas is completely destroyed.

In such an environment, the interrogation of a member of the Hamas organization arrested by the Israeli army and the statement given by the young man has caused a sensation. The day’s attack by Hamas on Israel adds to the tension.

Abdullah, an 18-year-old youth from Hamas, told the Israeli military that he heard a woman crying in a house in Kibbutz Nir Oz near the Gaza border. Then the young man said that he had found the girl.

” I remember I threatened her with my gun to take off her clothes, she was wearing jeans shorts. Then my father raped her. Then I raped the girl. Then one of my relatives raped the girl. “My father killed the girl after we raped her,” Abdullah told Israel’s intelligence agency. This video has gone viral on the internet.


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