Namma School What is Namma Uru Palli… How to provide financial support? New Guidelines!

Our school is our village project

In this, large, small and micro enterprises, non-governmental charitable organizations, public and others can make their contributions. Giving can be in the form of funds, goods, or voluntary services. With these, the needs of 37,558 schools in Tamil Nadu can be met. A website has been created exclusively for Namma School Nalla Uru School Scheme.

Schemes of School Education Department

These include Home Search and Education, Chief Minister’s Breakfast Program, Numeracy and Writing, Rainbow Forum, Nan Mulvan, School Management Committees, Manalkeni, Vocational Education Development, Teacher Professional Development, Alumni Integration Program, Professor Anbazhagan School Development Program, Student Councils. The contents are clearly explained.

Separate bank account

Apart from this a separate bank account has also been created. A committee has already been formed for the management of the schools and the SMC Parent App is functioning. In this, infrastructure facilities and other requirements of government schools will be uploaded. Namma School Namma Uru Palli Project will be helpful to fulfill these. In this case, some new guidelines have been published.

Funding via website

Accordingly, from now on, if individuals, former students, small/large companies want to make social contribution funds, goods or services to government schools, they should do so only through the Namma School Namma Uru Palli website. This should be ensured by all Principal Education Officers.

Memorandum of Understanding

All education department officials, district education officers and head teachers should be informed about this. Also Principal Education Officers, District Education Officers, School Headmasters should not enter into any MoU with donors and institutions. A Single Nodal Account bank account should be opened for every school under Namma School Nalla Uru Pali scheme.

Development of schools

Details of funds, goods and services provided in this project will be sent to the district committee and school management committee by our village school secretariat. All parties are requested to support the progress of government schools by properly following the above guidelines.


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