Pandyan Stores actress Hema Rajkumar in a short dress above the knee!

It can be said that Hema Rajkumar is one of the few actresses who have been very popular in Vijay TV. Hema Rajkumar, who initially debuted as a serial actress, had more opportunities because Vijay TV kept giving her opportunities in more serials.

Actress Hema Rajkumar made her debut on the small screen through the TV serial Ponnoonchal. The series started in 2013 and ran for almost three years till 2016.

Opportunity on Small Screen:

hema rajkumar 1

But that series did not get much response and after that Hema Rajkumar acted in some short films. Even though the series was not a big hit, his performance was well received by the masses.

After that he got opportunities in short films. In this situation, Hema Rajkumar debuted in an important role in the series Pandyan Stores, which started on Vijay TV in 2018.

He was also given a special role in the serial to fuel his performance. Pandian Stores serial aired on Vijay TV for almost five years starting from 2018 till 2022.

Opportunity to appear on Vijay TV:

hema rajkumar stills

Pandyan Stores serial held maximum audience for all these five years. In total Pandian Store serial completed with 1100 episodes. Hema Rajkumar became popular among Vijay TV watchers due to acting in so many episodes.

After that, he started acting in Pandavar Illam series in 2023. Currently the next part of the drama Pandian Stores is being shot. Hema Rajkumar is also acting in it.

Amidst this, Hema Rajkumar, who often posts photos and videos on social media, is currently getting more and more popular. Actress Hema Rajkumar, who mostly appears in sarees in dramas, has shown in this video a bit of a modern outfit.


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