Panupria’s pitiful condition.. This fate should not befall anyone.. It should never happen…!

Actress Bhanupriya was a popular actress in South Indian cinema during the 80s and 90s.

She had shone as a successful heroine in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam language films.

Actress Banu Priya:

He also acted in Hindi films during the 90s. Hailing from the state of Andhra Pradesh, Panupriya was known as a popular actress for acting in Tamil films.

Panupriya who has acted in more than 120 movies so far has acted in almost 50 movies in Telugu alone.

banu priya

He has also acted in more than 40 films in Tamil. He has acted in some Malayalam films and Kannada films.

Panupriya’s first Tamil film, “Mella Pesakudu”, which started acting at the age of 17, was released in 1983.

After that he went on to act in Telugu films. He made his debut there through the movie Sithara.

Passionate about Bharatanatyam:

Apart from acting, Banupriya who was very interested in Bharatanatyam also started getting film opportunities.

Also, most of the characters in his films are dancing characters.

Her dancing was so good that directors and producers kept booking her as Panupriya in Bharatanatyam.

banu priya 1

The performance with its delicate choreography was highly appreciated by a wide range of people. Now 58-year-old Panupriya, film opportunities started to dwindle.

He started acting in character roles. Also, he is acting in TV serials. She was seen as an actress with the ability to express her emotions through her eyes.

Reasons for reduced image opportunities:

The Hidex ad was seen very popularly. Gunachithira Vedas where he acted in films including Kadakutty Singam and Some Time Some People.

Since then the opportunities did not come cleanly and now we can hardly see him in films.

Actress Bhanupriya is married to Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčKausal, son of US-based award-winning photographer and famous Bharatanatyam artiste Sumathi Kausal.

They have a beautiful daughter. Currently, the daughter is studying abroad. In this situation, in a recent interview, he has given an interview about why he is not acting in films and why the film opportunities are less.

This interview has upset everyone now. I mean, my husband passed away two years ago.

The reason for this situation is the death of the husband:

At that time he lost his memory. That’s why I can’t speak the lines even on set and I forget them immediately.

banu priya 2

I have had this problem since I separated from my husband. Don’t talk about it because he is no longer alive.

Not only that, meanwhile rumors about my health were also spread which were not true.

And no one called me to ask that you didn’t even attend the annual 80s actor and actress reunion.

My daughter is studying in Nandan. Banupriya has said that now I stay at home all the time reading books, listening to songs and doing housework.

Is this a pitiful situation for Banupriya, who was a popular actress at one time? Many of his fans are expressing great pain that this fate should not happen to anyone.


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