Papua New Guinea, which has become a present-day ‘fig’.. 2000 people buried alive.. UN said shocking information..

Papua New Guinea which has become a present day fig 2000

A severe landslide occurred in some parts of the island nation of Papua New Guinea a few days ago. It is noteworthy that this country is the third largest island country in the world. A landslide occurred on the 25th in Yambali village, which is about 660 km from the capital of this country, Port Moresby.

Due to this landslide, the highways were cut off and the rescue operation was hampered. In the first phase, more than 300 people died in the landslide. Similarly, 1182 houses were buried in landslides. In total more than six villages were affected. According to the information released this morning, around 670 dead bodies were found which was shocking.

Drone footage from landslide-hit villages is heart-wrenching. The scenes of screaming women and children caused worldwide grief. Prime Minister James Marab said about the landslide that shook the entire country, “We are issuing necessary orders to the relevant authorities regarding rescue operations. Complete details of casualties are not yet available. It will be shared when available.”

In that way, another heart-wrenching information has been released about the landslide in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea wrote to the United Nations about the incident. The UN Council has also published this letter. The UN has said that the letter indicates that more than 2,000 people may have been trapped in the landslide and buried alive. Also, more than 1250 people are said to have been displaced.

Apart from that, a village has been buried due to this huge landslide, it has been mentioned in the letter written by the country of Papua to Aina. It is also noteworthy that the rescue work of this landslide that is shaking the world is going on.


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