Parents beware….. Heart disease that affects children the most!

Cardiovascular disease was once thought to affect only adults. But now this heart disease is found to affect children more. Parents beware..... Heart disease that affects children the most!Recently, it has been revealed that a large number of children are suffering from this disease. So all parents should be alert. Heart disease in children can have many causes. Know it first.

1. Congenital heart disease

Congenital heart disease can affect babies from birth. This means that a child with congenital heart disease does not gain weight like normal children. Parents beware..... Heart disease that affects children the most!And the child suffering from this disease will have problems like shortness of breath and cough. Excessive sweating while sleeping is also said to be a symptom of this disease.

2. Hereditary heart disease

Genetic factors can cause significant changes in a child’s heart. These genetic changes cause heart-related problems in children.

3. Heart disease caused by late pregnancy

In today’s era most of the people are suffering from infertility problem due to change in eating habits. We see in many places that after various treatments, the children born to couples who conceive too late suffer from some problem. Parents beware..... Heart disease that affects children the most!Accordingly, children born to women over 35 years of age are at risk of heart disease.

So all the parents should take care of the children carefully. If they have any problem, it is better to find out and get proper treatment.


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