People beware…! SIM card fraud in a new technique!

Sim Card Fraud : In this we will discuss how we can protect ourselves from SIM card fraud.

Many scams are happening around us in many ways. Now, a new commercial fraud is taking place through SIM card. In this scam, fraudsters can use your name and documents without your knowledge. Now let’s have a clear look at that scam.

Sim card fraud

If you are a person who is going to buy a new SIM card, be very careful while buying. Be careful when you hand in your documents, especially when you put your signature. If you are asked to be fingerprinted two or three times, ask why. Because there are more frauds than you can imagine with your fingerprints.

That is, they ask us to put our fingerprints two or three times, take another copy of the documents we gave and use it to create fake SIM cards with our names in other company SIMs. After that, they use it to create fake social media sites and target someone else using our name.

Also, chances are that SIM card shop owner will give our documents to another fraudster. Therefore, be careful when buying a SIM card and giving documents, especially if you are asked to provide your fingerprint two or three times for some reason. This makes it less likely that the fraudster will be caught instead if the fraudster is using your name to scam you, you will be caught.

The solution to this

There is also a way to find out if any other phone number is active using our name and our documents. Let’s see it step by step.

People beware SIM card fraud in a new technique

  • Go to it and enter the mobile number you are using.

1716565101 852 People beware SIM card fraud in a new technique

  • If we give the Captcha under it, we have to give the OTP that will be sent to our mobile number.

1716565102 359 People beware SIM card fraud in a new technique

  • Then a website page will open and if someone is using other SIMs using our name it will show how many SIM cards they are using as shown in the image below. If it shows like that, click on the remaining numbers except your number and immediately give it Not My Number (Not My Number) and give the report as shown below.

1716565102 481 People beware SIM card fraud in a new technique

  • If we do that, the government will quickly take action and destroy the fake SIM cards being created in our name.

So, now we have to be careful while buying a SIM card. Also, be careful not to publish our documents for any reason where it is not required.


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