Public meeting on 22nd of Jean? Will there be an alliance with Seaman? Bussy Anand explanation.!

vijay seeman

Actor Vijay: On the occasion of World Hunger Day, Tamil Nadu Victory Association gave food donation.

On May 28, which is considered World Hunger Day, actor and politician Vijay’s Tamil Nadu Victory Club distributed food to more than three and a half lakh people in 234 constituencies across Tamil Nadu.

Accordingly, Bussi Anand, General Secretary of Tamil Nadu Victory Association participated and started the event of providing food to the public near Thiruvanmiyur Darshaneeswarar Temple, Chennai. There he distributed alms to the people and ate with them.

Speaking to the media after serving the food, General Secretary Bussi Anand said, “We are serving lunch to the entire Thalapathy Vijay Directorate. This is not only one day, but 23 places in Tamil Nadu are offering free food every morning through Thalapathy no-cost restaurant. If the commander tells us, we will do the work the next moment,” he said.

Then, a reporter told him that Jean 22 – First public meeting of the T.V.E.C.? When the question was raised, Bussi Anand replied, “We are going to provide various welfare assistance on that day. The chairman himself will announce anything about the question of the general meeting,” he said.

Then, can we form an alliance with the Tamils? Answering the question, “President Vijay is consulting all parties. All the decisions will be taken by the President and only he will make the announcement,” said Bussi Anand, general secretary of the T.V.C.

It is noteworthy that earlier, the TPP had announced that two advocates would be appointed to each police station to file complaints and provide legal assistance to the poor, needy and backward.


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