Ramachandran Amarungal: Writer who spoke against MGR on stage; who is he?

Ramachandran Amarungal Writer who spoke against MGR on stage who

When MGR, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, participated in a program, He has risen to answer a writer’s speech. Then he said straight to your face, talk when it’s time for you and sit now. Who is the writer??

Acted in plays as a child and later made his debut as a supporting actor in Tamil cinema, Next, MGR, who rose to prominence and started a separate party, He also sat on the Chief Minister’s seat and hoisted the victory flag. During his tenure as Chief Minister, the number of books purchased for the library was reduced from 600 to 200.

This action of the government has shocked many people, Deepam who was a writer then. Na Partha also told the driver. He heard this and accepted it, Na. Partha Sarathi has continued his work. Then one day to call MGR Parthasarathy, His assistant picks up the phone and tells him that he is taking a shower.

after that Na. When the driver came after taking a bath, to tell the story, He asked him what he thought of MGR Barari, Assistant, He said that MGR was a winner who won the hearts of the people. After hearing this Na. Parthasadhi, If MGR was really a poet who won people over, He said he will call you in 10 minutes.

And then,  Again MGR to call after 10 minutes, Na. saw the driver to pick up the phone, A literary festival in Valluvar Kottam tells you to come and speak. You are AIADMK  I asked Congress how they are inviting me to speak, You come here and say don’t talk about politics just talk about literature, The driver has agreed to it.

When the meeting started Na. Bartha Sarathi started talking, To say that they have reduced the purchase of books for the library from 600 to 200 in Tamil Nadu, Thinking of answering this, MGR got up,, Mr. Ramachandran if you need to speak, He directly told Mahatma to speak when it is time for you.

Even if it is the chief, one should not interrupt when he is speaking, It has been found that Na. Partha Sarathi has the ability to openly speak his mind.


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