Ready to share the bed.. But only one condition.. Bagheer Club and Babri Ghosh..!

Whether they are film actresses or serial actresses, if they want to get film opportunities or serial opportunities, it has now become mandatory that they get that opportunity only if they make adjustments with the relevant director and actor-producers.

Adjustment in Film Industry:

Many people willingly said OK and agreed to it and made adjustments and are continuously getting opportunities.

papri ghosh1

This is clearly happening in the film industry. Many actresses have come out in public and openly stated that this is happening especially to serial actresses.

And they are saying that they are doing this without any other option because they can see their income only if they make their adjustment.

That’s how the popular serial actress Babri Ghose in a recent interview openly expressed her opinion about people who expect adjustments from actresses.

Say OK to the adjustment:

In an interview with host Babri Ghosh about the adjustment problems that happen on the small screen and the silver screen. to ask,

Nothing should be done to those who say that they will give opportunities to actresses only if they make adjustments.

Agree to it and immediately ask for the adjustment and go to the person’s house and kiss them in front of their entire family.

papri ghosh2

Then why did the people in their house do this? They will ask… Then he said that he will give me a film opportunity but he needs to make adjustments with me.

That is why I have to boldly say in front of them that I did this. After that the person will be taken care of by his family.

Do this in advance of the family:

If we say this how will adjustment problems happen? The presenter was shocked to ask him a counter question.

Actress Babri Ghosh has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and other multilingual serials. Especially, she is seen as a popular serial actress in Tamil by acting in many serials including Pandavar Illam, Poove Unakakka, Siddhi 2, Vanathibol.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that she used the occasional opportunities to act as a character actress on the silver screen as well.


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