Rice Congress leader Jayakumar death case; Transfer order to CBCIT! A heated investigation!

Rice Congress leader Jayakumar death case Transfer order to CBCITPaddy Congress President Jayakumar:

The CBCID police have registered an FIR today regarding the death of Nellai East District Congress President Jayakumar and have immediately started an investigation.

Nellai East District Congress President Jayakumar (age 60), who also runs a real estate business. He has also been a contractor.

Death Case:

In this situation, his son filed a complaint at Uvari Police Station the next day on 03.05.24 that he was missing after leaving home on the night of 2nd May.

On May 4, Jayakumar’s body was found burnt in the garden behind his house. The autopsy was completed that evening.

When his body was recovered, his hands and feet were tied with iron bars and there was a board on the body.

After this, Jayakumar’s body was cremated on the 5th in his hometown Karai Suttuputur.

The Tirunelveli District Police formed 10 separate teams under the leadership of 10 DSPs in connection with this case.

While the investigation was conducted from the angle that Jayakumar may have been burnt to death by mysterious persons, the police found two letters written by Jayakumar before his death. In it he mentioned that his life was in danger and named the main points from which he had received large amounts of money.

Transfer order to CBCIT:

After this, more than 35 people, including former Tamil Nadu Congress President Thangabalu, have been investigated on the basis of that letter. Still killing after 19 days? Suicide? The investigation continued.

In this case, DGP Shankar Jiwal has ordered to transfer the case to CBCID. Following this, after receiving the files related to Jayakumar’s death from the District Superintendent of Police, CBCID Police Inspector Ulaga Rani today registered an FIR dated 02/2024 at the CBCID office and immediately started investigation. In the first phase, Jayakumar went directly to the place where the body was found and started the investigation.


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