Romance on a running bike. Rajasthan Police who did the incident!

Rajasthan: The police arrested the romantic couple who were riding a fast motorcycle and had a romance.

Every so often a video goes viral on social media. Just a few days ago, a video of a couple riding a motorcycle at high speed in Kota, Rajasthan went viral on social media.

A bystander recorded the video of the two of them hugging each other on a bike on the road near Boonti Road Herb Garden. The woman tied her lover to the petrol tank of the bike and carried it without realizing the danger.

Even knowing that those who came behind him were taking video, both of them took turns kissing each other in a love spell. Someone immediately shared the video on a social networking site and posted, ‘This video is from Kota’.

After seeing the video immediately, the Kota police said, “In the wake of this viral video, a case number 122/24 under IPC section 294A has been registered and both the accused have been arrested along with the bike and are being investigated.”

Subsequently, the police recorded a video of them apologizing and warning them not to engage in such activities again. The romantic couple apologized in the video, “We will not engage in such activities again. We apologize for going that way on a motorcycle. Do not engage in such activities in public places that endanger the safety of the public. The police will take action against such acts,” he said.


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