Rs. 1,700 Plantation Labor Salaries; Gazette publication

The salary of plantation workers is Rs. A special gazette notification has been issued confirming the increase to 1,700.

A Special Gazette Notification No. 2385/14 dated May 21, 2024 has been issued confirming that the minimum salary of plantation workers has been increased to Rs 1,700.

This gazette notification is issued under the signature of the Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Foreign Employment.

The minimum daily wage of plantation workers is Rs. President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced last May that it will be increased to 1700.

The daily salary of plantation workers is Rs. An increase of 1,700

Accordingly, as per the said special notification, the basic nat wages of the plantation workers will be Rs. 1,350 and daily special allowance based on productivity of Rs. 350 and the total daily salary is Rs. 1,700 has been increased.

It also includes daily budget allowance and O.S.N. It is mentioned that this amount (Rs. 1,350) should be taken into consideration in paying the allowances included.

Apart from this, 1 kg each for extra tea fat. For Rs. 80 has been declared.


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