Saying no to Raghuvaran.. Amala extended her neck to the divorced actor..! The reason is this..!

Actress Amala was one of the most popular actresses of the 1980s. She made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema with the movie Maithili Meani Kadali. In the first film, he got rave reviews.

After that, the door slowly opened for the film he starred in. In this movie, she will play the most important role of Noorja Khan. It was well received by him. After that, six films were released in 1986 alone.

Opportunity with Rajini:

In 1987, Amala started acting as a heroine with Rajinikanth, not only in Tamil cinema, but has continued to act in many languages ​​across India like Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

actress amala

When Amala was acting in Tamil, it is said that few Tamil actors had an impression of Amala. There were talks that he wanted to marry Amala. Actor Raghuvaran is prominent among the actors who have a crush on Amala.

Raghuvaran Love:

In the year 1987, the movie Joint Worms starring Amala and Raghuvaran was released. It is said that Raghuvaran was attracted to Amala from the day the shooting of the film started. He is said to have fallen in love with Amala before the shoot was over.

In this situation, Amala has expressed her love to him, but Amala refused his love saying that she will marry the groom she sees at home.


Amala Marriage:

Due to this, Raghuvaran is in great agony. After that, Amala got married to famous Telugu actor Nagarjuna in 1992.

She left cinema after marrying Nagarjuna. After that, 30 years later, he made a comeback to Tamil cinema with the movie Kanam. Before marrying Amala, Nagarjuna was married to a woman named Lakshmi.

But due to his and Letchumi’s differences, the two separated after which he married actress Amala.


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