Serial actress arrested in adultery case… You will be shocked if you know the reason..!

Devi Priya was a famous serial actress who acted in various serials during the 90s.

He had acted as PC in many serials. He is a perfect fit for Willy’s character in particular.

Serial Actress Devi Priya:

In the serials, if Willy rolls, they will immediately look for Devipriya and sign a contract. To that extent, she became famous as a famous Willy actress.

devi priya 1

She has also acted as character actress, serial heroine and Willy.

Devi Priya was seen as a famous actress who showed her talent by acting perfectly no matter what kind of character she was given.

She also received praise as a serial actress who won the Kalaimamani Award in 2009 for her best performance.

She has acted in more than 50 TV serials and is seen as a famous serial actress.

Asatya Devi Priya as Willy:

Also, it is a fact that not many people know that he is the best dubbing artist. Before becoming a serial actress, Devi Priya used to showcase her dancing skills by participating in various dance shows.

The character of Devi Priya played a very important role in the serial “Dekathi Ponnu” which aired on Kalainar TV directed by Bharathiraja.

devi priya 2

The serial also became a big symbol for him. Many serial opportunities started coming.

Due to this, he continues to act in the film opportunities available to him. It is noteworthy that even recently, he openly talked about the adjustment that happened to him.

In this case, famous controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan has shocked by saying that “Devi Priya was arrested in a prostitution case” in a recent interview.

Devi Priya in adultery case:

Serial actress Devipriya will attract everyone’s attention with her best performance in all whether she is a heroine or a character actress.

Bailwan said that especially the police badass suits him perfectly. Devipriya was very close to the son of a Chennai Corporation member.

devi priya 3

There were even reports that the two were secretly living together. The woman member of the Chennai Corporation who did not like this, framed Devipriya in an adultery case.

As usual, serial actress Devi Priya bravely fought the adultery case and came out claiming that she is innocent.

Bailwan said that even now she is a very brave woman social activist and a great actress who continues to act in TV serials.


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