Shalu Shammu released the video without hiding the tattoo on his back..!

Actress Shalu Shammu is the actress who started her screen journey as a comedy actress and then took the avatar of a sexy actress.

He made his debut in Tamil cinema in 2008. She made her debut as a comedy actress in 2013 with Sivakarthikeyan starrer Apatapada Valipar Sangam.

Shalu Shammu:

In that film, she played the role of Sridivya’s friend as the heroine’s friend and attracted the attention of the entire audience.

shalu shammu1

His character in the film was given a compelling character. Their romance and chemistry together made fans laugh out loud.

He became famous through this. He was always waiting for comedy roles for him.

But seriously speaking, he did not get any comedy role and thus used the opportunities he got and acted in small characters.

Shalu Shammu in Dasavatharam:

He has acted in a few movies. But what many people don’t know is that he made his debut in the 2008 Kamal Haasan-starrer Dasavatharam in a small role.

shalu shammu2

After that, she won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 2009 blockbuster Kanjivaram starring Prakashraj.

Shalusam, who started acting in the opportunities he got as he was not getting any film opportunities, was mesmerized by the initial response to his sexy photos on social media.

Money poured into attraction:

Thus, he started showing off glamor by publishing attractive photos continuously and thinking that he can earn income through it.

She made netizens cringe by posting pictures and videos of her wearing short dresses and doing pajada dance, intimate photos and videos with boyfriends.

Apart from that, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get a film opportunity, I started pouring money in lakhs in many ways.

shalu shammu

Actress Shalu Shamu is earning lakhs of money by doing item dance in clubs, pubs and other countries including Arabian and Dubai.

Back Tattoo:

It was said that for that he took Bajada dance training here and released its videos.

Due to this, he is not getting any film opportunities, but he is getting substantial income.

Meanwhile, Shalu Shammu, who has always been actively posting sexy photos on social media, has now caught the attention of all netizens by posting a video of her getting a tattoo on her back on Instagram.

Is such a tattoo on the back necessary? Netizens are criticizing this video. Here is the video:


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