She is my daughter.

Actress Sukanya became a popular actress in the 90s. He is Tamil. Malayalam. Kannada. He has acted in Telugu and other popular films.

She was seen as a famous actress at one time by acting in various super hit movies.

Actress Sukanya:

Born Aarti Devi, she changed her name to Sukanya for the film.

Actress suganya

His first film was Pudu Nellu Pudu Nathu. Bharathiraja directed the film starring Napoleon.

It was for this film that he changed his name to Bharathiraja Sukanya and made his debut in the film industry.

Sukanya, who has acted in various super hit films, has been working in language films including Tamil Malayalam Kannada Telugu for about 15 years.

Before becoming an actress in the film industry, Sukanya became famous by anchoring the Pepsi program on Potikai TV.

“Pepsi” Sukanya:

When Sukanya came to act, it was Uma who hosted the show. Uma has become more famous than Sukanya. Till today, Pepsi Uma has her own fan base.

It can be said that Sukanya was the one who made way for it. Sukanya Pudu Nellu Pudu Nathu, a television host and then actress, followed by various super hits including Chinna Counter, Thirumati Palaniswami, Senthamil Pattu, Pledge, Chinna Mappillai, Chinna Zameen, Walter, Vetrivel, Sibling, Mahanadhi, Captain, Duet, Indian, Senadhipathi, Mahaprabhu. He has acted in movies.

Actress suganya1

Sukanya’s performance in the movie Chinna Counter was especially talked about. It remains a favorite of many till date.

Also, she surprised everyone by acting in a different character as Kamal Haasan’s mother in an Indian movie.

It is worth noting that Priya Bhavani Shankar is currently acting in the role played by Sukanya in Indian 2.

Sukanya was a famous actress after acting with many super hit heroes like Kamal Haasan Vijayakanth Prabhu Karthik.

Divorce in one year:

So far she has received a total of five awards and is seen as the best actress. If we take her personal life, she got married to Sridhara Rajagopalan last year.

But within a year there was a difference of opinion between them in 2003. They are legally divorced and separated.

After that Sukanya did not marry anyone. They have no children. At this time, a photo claiming to be Sukanya’s daughter is going viral on the internet.

Sukanya, who has now explained this, is not my child. I clearly explained that on Twitter when I posted that photo.

My daughter is not:

But they are spreading such false news just to spread something false about Sukanya.

Actress suganya2

I am jokingly saying that my younger sister’s daughter, Siddharth, has now become very famous.

I divorced and separated from my husband within a year of marriage. This is something that many people know. He has also asked how I have a daughter when that is the case.


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